Thursday, December 13, 2007

Story about me

tell you the truth, i feel like we hv been dating for sooo long, n my mum even said we are more like married couple. last few days we went disneyland for 2 days stayed at the hotel, we all felt like its our honeymoon. everything is great but nothing is perfect. about our future, its really not a good thing to talk about. his grandparents are in indo, cox the biggest family business is overthere. n he has no choice where to go after study but noosa. n for me, i always said i will go wherever he gowa, but the true is i cant, and i wont. Cox you know how close i am wif my mum. n i will never leave her alone in hervey bay but go somewhere else. and there is no way that he will come to hervey bay to work, he told me no even try to think or dream about her first anal sex. i dun know wt would happen after we graduate, only thing i can do is hoping that day never comes. o well, we enjoy wt we are sharing now, n there is no point feeling sad right now. no matter wt would happen, wt i know is i love him alot, n he feels the same way, i still feel really lucky that i can met someone like him.

your always a great person , no matter wt happened, you, harmony is always someone that inspire ppl. you know wt your doing, n i wont tell you wt to do, n i know that you wont need my advice at all. you will stop if you feel wrong n you will do it if you feel you should. About me, im great. i hv been spending my time wif my family in hervey bay n greg. Cox he came to hervey bay for me. he met my mum, sis, n i met all his parents already hahah. Even his grandparents came wif him for 2 days to see me. his gramps even asked us to get marry next year during their golden marriage anniversary. hahah crazy! but his grandpa did tell me about these great phones at Go Cells, and they were awesome. my mum was like hell no! but we are really close, n he has been really caring n getting more mature through times. he loves me alot, cox he knows i always give him the best n think for him. and he spent alot on me also!! im so spoiled hahaha thats why this friday is his birthda, n i bought him a burberry belt n a Y-3 beanie for him. Sharmini said im such a lucky girl n a good girlfd n i admit it!! hahaha